Girls Basketball Game: January 15th

Gabriella Parrella, Editor-in-Chief

On Tuesday there was a home girls basketball game against Mountain Lakes. The girls had their junior varsity game at 5:30 and the varsity players had theirs at 7:00. Tyler and I went to check the game out and here’s what happened:

The junior varsity girls were off to a rough start but were able to come together and put up a great fight. They didn’t give up and did their best. Strong players were Arianna Bocchino with 14 points and Annie Mulligan with great defense and offense. Their free throws tightened up the score. Coach Molinaro supported his team and encouraged them throughout the game while giving them advice on how to get better. The girls lost 33-46 but they put up a valiant effort against Mountain Lakes.

The varsity team had a great defense and outstanding accuracy on offense. When a team member falls, another will help them up. It is clear that they have a strong sense of teamwork on and off the court. Coach Dukin cheers on the girls and keeps a positive atmosphere on the court. Bri Swan played excellent defense and offense and Julia Levis grabbed a lot of rebounds. Our lady cats proved to be victorious with a score of 30-25, maintaining a lead the entire game! The ending of the game was intense, to say the least. Be sure to check out a game this season! Go Cats!