Fall Fashion Tips

Gabriella Parrella, Editor-in-Chief

Contrast!- Whether wearing an oversized sweatshirt or turtleneck sweater, tie up or pull back your hair. The contrast of baggy clothes with slicked back hair moves their eyes between each, making your outfit visually appealing. By having a sense of tightness and looseness, you are guaranteed to look put together.

Color!-Fall is a beautiful season for its colors. Look fashionable by matching your palette to the season itself. Colors like orange, burgundy, mustard yellow, and even olive green are immediate reminders of fall. When in doubt, wear black or match one of the above colors with black to look slim and chic.

Shoes!- Shoes can make or break your outfit. The perfect shoe looks good, matches the season, and is comfortable to wear. Black boots are a must-have. Over-the-knee boots were popular last fall and still are this year. If you don’t want to wear tall boots, booties are just as great. Heeled booties dress up any outfit. Casual sneakers are a must-have all year round. On those cold days where you just want to roll out of bed and go, a clean pair of sneakers can make your outfit. Sneakers like vans, Adidas, and Filas are fashionable, yet can be worn as everyday shoes.

Accessories!- Jewelry puts any outfit together. Layered necklaces go great with sweaters, especially turtlenecks. Crescent moon necklaces are very popular this year. Even though mixing silver and gold was a big no-no, more and more people are doing it. If you are not ready to mix your metals, white and gold pairs perfectly. Necklaces, rings, and bracelets with cubic zirconia stones catch the light and give off a delicate and feminine feel. Statement earrings hold their own and become the focal point of any outfit. Don’t pair large earrings with a large necklace as your outfit will look too busy and overwhelming.

Confidence!- The most important part of an outfit how you rock it! If you feel good and radiate confidence, everyone will agree. Don’t worry if others don’t dress like you; have your own style. Express yourself through clothes. Be unique, and at the end of the day, just have fun with it!