A Battery Operated Hotel Room on Wheels


Anusha Mathias, Editor-In-Chief

This year’s winner of the Radical Innovation Award was the Autonomous Travel Suite designed by Steve Lee. The Autonomous Travel Suite combines a car, a hotel room, and battery operated self-driving capabilities. It is essentially as if Tesla and a hotel room had a baby. Each suite has a living space, beds, a small kitchen, and a bathroom with a shower and toilet. It can travel up to ten hours on one charge and hold up to five people. Imagine leaving your house for a holiday party in North Carolina. All you would have to do is input your destination and be on your way. You wouldn’t have to book a hotel room, stop for meals, and everyone can relax and hang out while the Autonomous Travel Suite does its thing. If the Autonomous Travel Suite hits the market it will make a dent in the hotel, auto, and travel industries since it combines all three into one, thus reducing the need for any of them. However, it is going to take quite a while for the Autonomous Travel Suite dream to become a reality. Aprilli Design Studio, the studio Lee works for, anticipates releasing the cars in 2030.