Why You Should Never Overlook State Schools

Why You Should Never Overlook State Schools

Ashley Carnicella, Staff Writer

If you would have told me last year that I would want to apply to state schools, I would have laughed. Fast forward a year, and the college I want to attend is a state university. People often overlook state schools, and although it took me so many years to realize that state schools are great, I think everyone should at least consider what state schools can offer.

State schools are great because they help people emotionally. When people stay closer to home, they feel less homesick because they have the feasibility of commuting. This is just one of the many benefits state schools offer! They don’t take as much of a toll on your mental health because you won’t have to say goodbye to anything or anyone.

Furthermore, state schools can be a financial benefit, making it an excellent way to save college money.  The tuition costs for in-state schools are significantly less than out-of-state universities. On average, the cost for out-of-state tuition can be more than double the cost of in-state tuition. Although you could take out student loans for these colleges, they can ultimately become a financial burden in the long run. Going for in-state schools with less expensive tuition is a good way to prevent unwanted debts.

No, this isn’t a persuasive article, but an informative one. I definitely think state schools are something to consider because of the benefits that come along with them. For instance, I used to discount the idea of going to college in-state. But once I found out the overwhelming benefits of in-state colleges, I was completely on board! Think twice before rejecting the idea of state schools!