Mark Your Calendar: 2021 Winter Sports Have Begun

Jessica Ignozza, Local, National, and World News Editor

Wow, 2021 winter sports came with a blink of an eye, however, it is quite different from previous years.  This winter, WPHS sports will be working slightly differently due to COVID-19.  According to Governor Murphy, winter sports were set to begin on January 11th.  However, to keep the athletes in shape for this unique season, winter track and basketball have been holding 15-30 minute workout Zoom sessions.  Park swim was set to have practices 3 times a week in February.

I myself am a member of girls basketball, however, I did not participate this season, but I did join the girl’s basketball zooms held by Mr. Dukin, Mr. Moylan, and Mr. Molinaro.  During these workout zoom meetings, the team focused on ball handling and cardio/ab workouts. 

Once January 11th rolled around, indoor practices began located in the gymnasium of WPHS.  Students are expected to wear a mask once entering the building and during warmups.  Once the team begins to do more intense drills they are allowed to take their mask off.  These practices usually run either after school or at night on weekdays, or in the morning on Saturdays.  Scrimmages and games for girl’s basketball are still on.  Both Varsity and JV girls basketball teams won their first game against Par High.

Overall, the 2021 winter sports season has been quite different than any other year, but with the right mindset and attitude, this season looks like a good one.