Mykee Fowlin’s Dedication to Mental Health and Wellness 

Mykee Fowlin’s Dedication to Mental Health and Wellness 

Maddie Ciarco, Staff Writer

Fowlin’s Dedication to Mental Health and Wellness 

By: Maddie Ciarco


When Mykee Fowlin visited Whippany Park High School as one of the first assemblies the students have seen since Covid circumstances acted as a factor, many individuals were touched and unexpectedly felt related to. Recovering from a time of isolation, apart from Whippany Park, we all had a first-hand experience of spending time away from each other and, more recently, striving to reconnect. But, in his presentation, Mykee Fowlin made this vulnerable, deep feeling seem normal, and valued across the entire audience.

As crucial as it was for students to hear, Fowlin’s number one goal as a presenter was to touch on subjects that are often neglected and pushed aside, since others often don’t know how to speak on these topics. What many found very honorable about Mykee Fowlin was his pride in communicating these struggles, and reaching out to the audience as if he knew each individual personally. Despite the fact that he seemed to know everyone, but actually didn’t, an atmosphere of commonality among the audience was still ignited. 

All of Fowlin’s techniques conveyed his message successfully, while enhancing his personable character. Between the communication of his own stories, roleplaying characters with different struggles, truthfully touching on sensitive manners, and his prioritization of mental health, Fowlin had his goals rightfully achieved. By touching such a sentimental part of the audience, Fowlin barely felt like a speaker in that moment, but rather a friend, to each person. This common ground that Fowlin developed made his genuine words taken to heart and spoke to every single person engulfed in his performance. 

A remarkable takeaway from this assembly was the shocking understanding that Fowlin had developed, in regards to our everyday struggles. One word after the next, people were blown away by how many areas he hit, and then followed with some form of advice for the audience to take away with them. The overpowering message of, “You are never alone,” stuck with each individual, and made Fowlin’s appearance an impactful, influential, and motivational one.