Is it safe enough to eat out at restaurants with friends?


Sophia Selitto, Staff Writer

During this insane time, people are more hesitant to go out to eat than they normally would be.  In regular times, this would be a simple decision! After going into lockdown, it was more popular to get takeout than to eat in and risk getting Covid. It’s been almost 8 months since everyone’s lives dramatically changed and it’s hard to know when to start living like normal again.  Here’s the big-ticket question for many people:  is it safe enough to go out to eat with friends?

I personally believe that it is safe enough to eat at restaurants with friends.  If you play alongside them on a sports field or dance in close proximity to them on a stage, the damage would have already been done. For example, a dancer may wear his or her mask throughout the competition venue and up to the so-called “wings” of the outdoor stage but once their number is announced, the masks come off.  Regardless of previous safety measures, that simple act could possibly expose you. If people are willingly setting aside their safety to do the activities they love, then why not eat out with friends?  

Nowadays, almost all restaurants are offering outdoor dining.  This is a safer option for those who don’t wish to eat indoors without a mask. If restaurants are going to take extensive measures for you to enjoy your experience, the least you can do is sit down and provide them business.  In a time where everyone is struggling, we all need to do our part and help our community in the most enjoyable way possible—by grabbing a bite with friends!