What Our Town Is Missing

Ariana Bocchino, Guest Writer

It’s a nice Spring Thursday, you finished all of your homework, it’s 7:00 and you have nothing to do. You know what sounds like fun? Call one of your friends and go get some ice cream. You call your friend, you’re ready to go get some ice cream and hang out, and then you realize our town has no ice cream parlor. Where do we go? There’s Denville Dairy, Last Licks in East Hanover, or even Magic Fountain in Summit. But what do all of these places have in common? They’re not even in our town! While it may sound silly, all of these towns have great ice cream parlors where teens can go to not only enjoy some delicious ice cream but hang out and de-stress from their busy lives. Whippany does have the famous Brookside Diner where most teens spend nights after games, concerts, and any other event the town has to offer. Most often ordered here are the superb chocolate or vanilla milkshakes. Teens can come to the diner to hang out with their friends while also enjoying some great food in a relaxed atmosphere. While these milkshakes are great, we are missing the classic ice cream parlor where you can order soft serve, ice cream sundaes, and a variety of hard ice cream flavors. As a teen who loves ice cream, you can find me at Denville Dairy, Magic Fountain, or Last Licks when I want ice cream. But, I should be able to get this simple dessert right here in my own town. Aside from being a place for teens to hang out and take a break from their busy lives, an ice cream parlor would bring in a huge amount of revenue for our town. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t like ice cream, especially on a beautiful Spring or Summer day. From little kids to adults, everyone could go for some soft serve in a cone, and Whippany needs to make that want a reality. At least we used to have Planet Swirl for frozen yogurt, but with that closed our town is really lacking on a dessert spot for teens. Whippany needs an ice cream parlor to be made the central hub for teens to hang out and enjoy a classic dessert.