Another Legendary Disappointment, Another Legendary Dizaster

Daniel Aviles-Espejo, Guest Writer

During King Of The Dot’s Town Bidness II Day Two, November 24, 2019, legendary battle-rapper Soul Khan made his return to battle-rap after nine long years of silence. Not only was this an exciting comeback, but his opponent was one of the “all-time greats”, who many refer to as a “Mt. Rushmore rapper”, Dizaster. Fans across the battle-rap culture where eagerly theorizing and Twitter ranting about their predictions. Interviews with both Dizaster and Soul Khan revealed how determined each of them was to make a crater of their opponent on stage. Other battle rappers spoke at length about their fond memories of Soul Khan, and all were daydreaming like children only a few days before Christmas. 

And finally, it happened. Soul Khan’s first-round twisted everyone’s stomachs. Fans were met with an excruciatingly slow ten minutes of material with almost no crowd-reaction. It was even worse than the year’s other “legendary comeback” from Cassidy, which at least was booed, and laughable. Soul Khan’s, however, was silent, almost as if the crowd felt bad for him. Following Soul Khan’s first, Dizaster did phenomenally, and no one was surprised. 

The battle ended up breaking the record for the longest battle, clocking in at almost two hours, with Dizaster having the longest round in history, which amounted to a short-film of thirty minutes. 

Disappointed and hurt, the battle-rap community is now debating whether “unlimited” rounds should even be allowed anymore, if these old “legends” should even bother coming back, and, if they do, whether or not they’re even worth watching anymore. So far, there has been no respectable performance from any of them, and, after watching a battle longer than many feature-films, the dream of “what if” has grown old and obsolete just as the legends have.