The Legacy of J. Lo’s Jungle Dress


Sunnina Chen, World News Editor

Long, long ago, in the year 2000, a singer, dancer, and actress named Jennifer Lopez went to the Grammys. When finding the perfect attire for the event, none of her stylist’s picks stood out except for one: a plunging, green dress. This dress truly took the breath out of everyone in that room and was loved by Lopez as well. There was only one problem: a few people had worn the dress already. Model Amber Valletta, Donatella Versace herself, and Gerri Halliwell AKA Ginger Spice had all worn it. Still, Lopez went with the revealing jungle dress. Little did she know that she would make history in that very dress.

Later, on the Grammy stage, she would recall that a murmur went through the crowd when she walked on stage and people started clapping. “It was one of those perfect moments. I walked out on stage, it blew open, and the dress was just provocative enough to make people really interested,” says J. Lo regarding the reveal. 

The real extent of the dress’ influence appeared after the show. Everybody seemed to be buzzing about the dress and its scandalous look. At that time, Google only had pages of text with links. This sudden attention for images brought the idea of an image search, confirmed by Google’s president Eric Schmidt. TLDR: Jennifer Lopez’s green dress inspired the creation of Google Images.

After almost 20 years of Jennifer Lopez’s appearance in that dress, Donatella Versace asked her to end the Versace Spring 2020 show in Milan. The dress she walked in was a bit different, being sleeveless and having cutouts at the waist. Somehow, Jennifer Lopez looked even fresher than before and reminding everyone of the original buzz and excitement her dress had originally caused, 20 years ago.

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