College Admissions Scandal

Nicolette Cappellini

In Boston, 50 people have been charged for bribery and fraud in college admissions. Among those 50 are celebrities and business executives charged with bribing in order to gain their children admission to our nation’s top schools. Some of these schools include Harvard, Yale, Georgetown, the University of Southern California, Stanford, and many others. 58-year-old William Rick Singer is found to be at the center of the admissions scandal. Singer helped the students cheat on college entrance exams like the SAT and ACT, get recruited as athletes when they did not participate in athletics, and more. Not only was Singer charged, his associates and various collegiate coaches were also charged for having a connection to the scandal. Some high-profile perpetrators include Lori Loughlin (most people know her from “Full House” and “Fuller House”) and Felicity Huffman (most people know her from many Hollywood movies).
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