30 Years of the WWW



Gianna Rispoli

March 12, 2019 marks thirty years of the World Wide Web (WWW). The WWW is the network of online content. Since the creation of the WWW, the world has completely changed. Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of this system, originally created the WWW because he recognized the inefficiencies and connection issues of the 1990s. Once his idea was approved, it became a reality. After fostering the WWW, Berners-Lee also created URLs, HTTP, and HTML. Now, we celebrate the benefits of the web and Berners-Lee’s inventions.
For many who do not know, the internet and the WWW are two different inventions. The internet is the network of computers that assists the communication of information while the WWW is the way of accessing the Internet. With both these two inventions, it is important to note that we access the sources constantly. Without the WWW, 2019 would be completely different. After the advancements overtime, the WWW has evolved into an everyday, important aspect of everyone’s lives. With the constant ability to communicate online, creating and maintaining relationships is easily completed. The WWW is an important part of society and the media today.