The Best Technology in Diagnosing Concussions

Gabriella Parrella, Editor-in-Chief

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SyncThink is a company revolutionizing the way athletes can determine if they are suffering from a concussion. This company was founded in 2008 and is headquartered within the US – Palo Alto, California to be exact. SyncThink monitors an athlete’s vision and brain function painlessly. The athlete puts a headset, much like a virtual reality one over the eyes, and looks at the flashing imagery before their eyes. The headset then monitors their eye movement to understand their attention and dynamic orientation, key factors in diagnosing a concussion. This device initially cost $6,000 dollars and was only compatible with the Samsung VR headset, but now the price is dropping to around $2,000 and can work with all VR headsets. SyncThink works with many sports teams in the NBA, such as the Golden State Warriors and Atlanta Hawks. SyncThink is now looking to branch out to the average consumer, such as schools. Hopefully, SyncThink will be able to branch out to high schools like ours to develop medical technology at all levels.