Starbucks Canada’s New Foodshare Program


Gabriella Parrella, Editor-in-Chief

Starbucks announced that they will be launching their Foodshare program in Canada that will deliver surplus food to those in need. This program will provide 1.5 million meals to those who are impacted by hunger. This Foodshare program already exists in the US, which means all Starbucks stores donate 100% of their unused food to reduce waste. The program will first be launched in Ontario in partnership with Second Harvest, the largest no waste food organization based in Ontario. The two organizations are currently working together to develop strategies that are efficient and safe. Starbucks previously invested in research and quality-assurance testing to ensure that perishable items like sandwiches, milk, yogurt, and protein boxes can be safely donated to those in need. The Foodshare program has identified guidelines and developed a training framework on maintaining food temperature, texture, and flavor to maintain its quality and safety. Their collective goal is to make other business aware that there are food waste solutions available, in efforts that they will participate in ending food waste. Starbucks Canada is already looking to further expand this initiative in the future. They even have a goal to partner with business in cities across Canada by 2021. Hopefully, all businesses can participate, ending hunger through each donation.