A Japanese Company is Lighting Up the Sky With Artificial Meteors

Anusha Mathias, Editor-in-Chief

Lena Okajima is the founder of Astro Live Experiences (ALE) which plans to send small satellites into space to create artificial meteor showers. Each satellite would have 400 2-centimeter long pellets that are made up of materials that Okajima’s team is hesitant to share. Although, the team did say that the materials could burn up in different colors such as blue, green, red and orange. The pellets would be launched towards the Earth at eight km/h to ensure re-entry.  ALE is set to launch its first satellite into space in the next few months. Although, experts such as Hugh Lewis at the University of Southampton who specialize in space debris have their reservations. He says that the area where ALE plans to launch their meteors are safe right now but could be potentially dangerous to future satellites that orbit that region. However, ALE has said that the chances that the meteor does not completely burn up are slim. If the ALE successfully creates its first artificial meteor shower, they will be the first to link space and commercial entertainment.