Pandemic Chronicles: Junior Year

Maayanth Nair, Staff Writer

My junior year of highschool has been an unforgettable year. Throughout this whole year, I have not stepped foot into one school classroom. If I had told my Freshman year self that I would not walk into one classroom, I would have thought I was crazy. Having a half-day every single day of the year has been difficult to adjust too. At first, it was difficult for me to retain information and I felt that I was not learning. I had to come up with different strategies to become a successful learner over zoom. Not being able to see my friends was also very difficult to adjust too. During September and October, I used to always think about the good times my friends and I had walking down the hallways or eating lunch together.

My favorite part of this year has definitely been the extracurriculars that I have been involved in. Being able to play soccer and basketball with my friends has been so fun. Things that were not usually fun such as drills, running, and suicides became fun because I was able to do it with my friends. Something thing this year has definitely taught me is to never take things for granted. We were supposed to play 15 games of soccer and ended up only playing 9 games. Even though we only played 9 games of soccer, I am so thankful we even got to play. I know other schools that did not even get to play at all.

My junior year has been filled with bizarre events, but I am so glad that I got to experience it.