Here’s What You Need to Know About Apple’s Facetime Bug

Courtney Mincolelli, Staff Writer

Recently, fourteen-year-old Grant Thompson discovered an alarming Facetime bug when trying to contact a friend. By adding a second person to the Group Facetime, the hack allowed iPhone users to have full access of other users’ cameras and microphones to eavesdrop on people before they’ve even answered the call. This brought many concerns to Apple users about the safety and security with Apple products. After some time, Apple disabled Group Facetime to temporarily resolve the issue. They released a statement saying that there would be a software update later on in the week to completely scrap the bug. Patrick Wardle, co-founder of Digita Security, states, “If these kind of bugs are slipping through, you have to wonder if there are other problematic bugs that other hackers are exploiting that should have been caught.” The Facetime hack is worrying to Apple users and jeopardizes the dependability on the company.